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...One who asserts that death ought to be feared is uttering vaccuous statements: he is afraid of something that is not going to ever cause grief when it is present but can only cause sadness by being in the future! Because, indeed, it is vaccuous to anticipate with sadness anything that cannot bother us when it becomes present...

this is from another reading assignment for my Ethics Class. the Heading at the beginning is death, and death philosophy, to me, always seems to be missing something in text; of what i've been shown of it, anyway.

This guy, Epicurus, is saying...what seems to be...that death is not a scary thing at all, and it should not be feared. But i always get ahead of myself and read paragraphs at a time and want to make comments before i read the whole thing. the most horrid of evils-death itself-is nothing of significance to us. Because for as long as we exist, death cannot be present to us;and, when death comes to us, we have by then ceased to exist.

   So, death exists neither for those who are alive nor for those who have died:because it is not an actual present thing for the former and the latter do not exist themselves...

so um. A bit of philosophy ragemind: i understand what he's saying as if i didn't and someone had to explain it part for part, and i believe that yes. death is nothing, and that it SHOULDN'T be feared by the one it comes to. But this seems to be coming from a very self absorbed, selfish mind, in my opinion, because there is not JUST. ONE. PERSON. in the whole world. there never has been, i don't think. it feels completely uncivilized to say that death shouldn't affect us at all, if in fact, this is what he's saying, because of all the people that we know, the people that love us; our family, wives, children, the other mans, the bastard kids, the loyal dogs who hate everyone but the person who's DEAD NOW.

ahahaaa, alright. Well, then.

Created: Jan 19, 2011


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