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Here is the video introduction to the "REmix Theatre Presents..." collaboration, which you can contrinute to here:


Here are some bullet points that the video discusses:



The official title is: hitRECord's REmix Theatre Presents...

I'd like to keep the official "hitRECord logo" as is, but "REmix Theatre Presents..." needs an entirely different font, arrangement, and color scheme.

And as for a logo...

I'm envisioning a very basic logo with 2-3 colors, and very shape-oriented in design. Think of how television networks (especially cable access channels) tend to use circles and lines primarily, often working with light blue and green as a color palette.



We'll need graphic designers and animators to work together to create a short animated opening sequence. Since the premise is very B-Movie/TV oriented, making it campy, yet edgy, is a top priority.

Perhaps the premise of the sequence would be to enter an old, decrepit theatre that's completely empty and dark, with flickering lights hinting at what's inside. Then simply to have a spotlight charge up and brighten up retro-looking text saying "hitRECord's REmix Theatre Presents..."

Then we'd find a way to create a blank palette where titles could be added by future REmixers (as in simply placing text over video, without needing any animation experience to do so.)



To have a theme composed specifically for the collaboration would be really great. I'm thinking something primarily made up of strings and darker bass undertones would be great (all coming in at around 20-30 seconds.) Again, the vibe is retro, so old B-Movies would be a ood source of inspiration.



After the animated opening sequence and titles conclude, the idea is to have a host appear and introduce the video RECord. I was thinking that it'd be fun for actors on the site to create aliases that could serve as the hosts. Some actors could create personas like that of Rod Serling (the host of "Twilight Zone") while others may want to really channel B-Movies and play it real over-the-top mold a fictional character based on the video being shown (if it's a zombie movie being introduced you could play a deranged scientist or something.)



This last title I came up with to describe anyone who is into this idea but doesn't have the time or resources to actually create the components needed for the show. "Conceptual Engineers" can help by providing the most valuable contributions of all: IDEAS. 

So, if you have a suggestion, an opinion, or want to lend a hand in compiling REsources from hitRECord that would help this project along, you could:


* Create an album, add RECords that might go with this project, and contrinute that album, with notes, into the collaboration here:

* Make a Text RECord, REsource this RECord here, and write ideas down for the collaboration.

* Contribute a Text RECord to the collab with existing RECords that fit into the horror/sci-fi/B-Movie genres so episodes can be crafted around them.

* Write Introduction Text RECords that hosts can act out when introducing suggested video RECords.


Thanks for checking out this stream of ideas! I'm looking forward to seeing what we all can come up with! :)

Created: Jan 18, 2011


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