By CrookedSmile

Love lives in a factory
making spit shined shoes.

To each a match, a perfect pair,
to fit, to stay together.

Each scuff and scratch
tattoos the match,
to show their shared experiences.

All the wear and tear
of the fabric of the pair
is brought on by friction and confrontation.

But as time goes by
and step by step,
some days cobble back
together the worn spaces.......

Life and age pass like
trends and stage a show
of pure inebriation.

Be careful though before you trip,
when heels crack one takes a fall,
when a soul is broken it cannot walk at all.

Soon spiders build a box
of dust to rest lives not so well fitted.

What the pair kicks up here
in its final thoughts
just before its discarded,

Though vintage now
can still bring on
a final act of love....

And with soles fixed
we can get out of our chairs
and live again and share the point of our creation.

Because it was only one strand
out of the millions made by hand
that knotted together our laces,

for it was only love
that I could describe to you
in the silliest of places,


Created: Jan 22, 2010


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