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[title cont: ...ject I will write to do this (see note)]

“Put More Icing on It!” (Liberating the Girl-Child One Cake At A Time)

-Inspired by grandmother’s life, this story will involve a courageous Zimbabwean woman who builds the first cake-making company in her village.  It is set during Zimbabwe’s colonial period (60s); a time where nationalism is ruling the country. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the villagers start to give her harsh criticisms for introducing western cooking methods. However, the women of her village soon realize that her company is the only source of empowerment at a time when their rights are marginalized.

            Main Characters

            Gladys Shamu----Female Lead (mid-20s)

                        +more characters to be announced when project is 


I chanced course because I want to write something light after finishing "A Woman Scorned." It's just too heavy. So for this one, think Helen Mirren's "Calendar Girls" or even the newly-made "Made in Dagenham." Hollywood needs more culture!

Created: Jan 17, 2011


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