Welcome To The Diners Club

By CrookedSmile

I've got reservations at a fancy restaurant for the end of the world.
The Demolitions Diners club,
a four hundred and fifty thousand dollar
dreamers country club......

"And he makes you cry bombs that give the sea its crashing waves.
The one hour breaks,
constant misleading mistakes,
makes the hour break."

"And I feel like I've been twenty for my whole life,
breaking plates
banging pots and pans,
shaking hands and loosing friends."

"And she takes devastation like its a relaxing drink.
A cocktail of life's experiences
olives and hearts on
a tooth pick."

"And they are rabbits pursuing those pricey carrots,
Manhattan hats on Broadway.
Bearing big shouldered suits,
bleeding the wrong way."

And we.......
We are the jewel thieves, that run the bomb squads.
We are childish, we are cherished, we are loved.
Punching bag people, with a priceless heart,
painting, singing, writing, dancing
performing and dictating our souls.......

"Welcome to the diners club, may I take your hat and coat?"

Welcome To The Diners Club

Created: Jan 22, 2010


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