Who Dat

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Who's that sitting in the window

Across the room with such a mood?

Such a mood.


'Scuse, miss, don't mean to be rude but

Could you please move across the room?

Cross the room.


You look a little new to us

But that's the way it's sold

You look a little blue to us

But no other color fits the mold


I like gold, diamonds,

Paper, islands,


Top-dollar stylists


I like hits

I like looks

I like hooks

I like crooks


I like mainstream

I like indie

I like underground

I like the way money sounds


I'm a cold blind business mind

Sitting behind platinum vin'

With an ear to find the next top pop five

We decide you decide you like    


Like "damn that's deep"

Or "psh, it doesn't need to be"


And I don't like music

But art is stupid so I use it


Music is music when it puts money in the market

The internet is a demon taking cash from my wallet

So I'll do what I can to stall it,

Or embrace and force install it.


I'm a rapper

I make my own beats

Open parenthesis

Sample other peeps

Close parenthesis

I also boxbeat

Created: Jan 15, 2011


cameronsteele Audio Media