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(Sean Lennon & Charlotte Muhl)

Every night the auburn Sun
Tucks in her children
one by one
Beaming with pride
slips from the sky
With moons and stars
left for night lights

Under her skirt her
closest child
Bright mercurial
and wild
He's hot headed
with iron heart
Here her twilight orbit starts

Venus reclines
upon her shell
Her gown of clouds
does suit her well
A true actress this narcissist
Out shines
all the other starlets

And Mars is clad in spartan red
He glares at his kindred
Don't double cross
him or his path
Lest you stir his chilling wrath

Nearby the insomniac lies
Their big brother
Jupiter sighs
Sleeping with one
open eye
Blood shot from all the
years gone by

His sister is so saturnine
Her mood rings changing
all the time
"Why the long face?"
her mother pries
"Because my core
is made of ice"

The old windbag
Uranus coughs
"He's so dim-witted!"
they all scoff
Once mistaken for a star
This lazy bones is no quasar

In shadows stalking everyone
Pluto's illegitimate son
Of the litter he's the runt
This black sheep is on the run

Hear the music of the spheres
The ticking of the cosmic gears
I'll sing a nebulullaby
As we twirl across the sky

Startled by a mortal cry
The Sun suddenly realized
Earth disowned for her hubbub
At least gave birth to
human love



Created: Jan 22, 2010

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