Bucket List (update: jan 2011)

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1. Visit Ireland

2. Go hiking/whale watching

~3. Go on a long road trip with Rebecca La Bo, with nothing but traffic in our way. *[check]*

4. Fight in a real kickboxing match against a boy, and do well, even if I lose.

5. Skydive

~6. Go to Boston, Massachusetts with Bekka. Taste the saltwater. *[check]*

~7. Dance on the streets of Hollywood, California with Jazz. *[check]*

8. Tightrope walk

9. Swim with dolphins

10. Publish a book, even if it sucks.

11. Argue with a lawyer

12. Meet Eminem

~13. Meet Joseph Gordon-Levitt *[check]*

14. Work with Quentin Tarantino

15. Collect at least 6 different currencies from 6 different countries

16. Take part in a movie that gets good reviews from people I give a shit about.

17. Graduate from a University with a Bachelors degree in Something.

18. Get a sweet picture of lightning.

~19. Catch a cab in New York City *[check]*

20. Apply to Harvard. Frame the rejection letter.

~21. See a Broadway play *[check]*

22. Learn to play at least a 3 minute song on any musical instrument I fancy

23. Visit Mt. Rushmore

24. Cook a giant meal entirely from scratch, and have it taste good and not burnt.

25. Make an extraordinary RECord.

26. Shave my head

27. Jump off a tall cliff in to the water

28. Spend some time naked, in a nudist colony

29. Plant a tree

30. Learn to sail

31. Scream at the top of my lungs

32. Learn to surf

33. Zip line in Alaska

34. Send in a postsecret

35. Graffiti a building

36. Start a fire without help, a match or a lighter

37. Send out over 100 Christmas cards

38. Break a board with my hand

39. Complete a Rubik's cube

40. Go deep sea diving because it scares me

41. Be on a high budget movie set

42. Be near the top in a credit reel for a great movie

43. Complete a documentary

Created: Jan 15, 2011


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