Organize Character Outline for "A Woman Scorned"

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Main Characters

Lead--->Darlene Washington (African American, early 30s)

Doctor---->Katherine Chambers (Caucasian, late 30s)

Law-school student/lawyer---> No Name Yet (Caucasian, Male or Female, 18-27)

Husband--->Richard Washington (African American, early 30s)

Supporting Characters

Daughters--->Hannah and June (12 and 7)

Darlene's Neighbor/Foil--->Caryn Withers (Caucasian, late 30-40)

Judge--->No Name Yet (Caucasian, late 50s)


Minor Character

"The Other Woman"

-She's minor because she only ever appears in the story as part of Darlene's delusions.

-Besides, establishing her as a character would be too much of a reflection of the movie "Black Swan."


I am now ready to contact shelters for battered women so that I can schedule interviews....Darlene needs her authenticity, as is obvious. I will keep working at this and making noise about it until it gets somewhere!


(P.S---I will never reveal the ending. You will all hopefully find out as "viewers" if she does win this fight or not haha).  

Created: Jan 15, 2011


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