Groovin' Gary

By LittleBeth

This song was inspired by the true story captured in Trent Harris's series of vignette films comprised in 'The Beaver Trilogy', which incidentally screened at Sundance in 2001. This film might be of interest to Hitrecorders since it is a bit of a Remix in itself. The trilogy started when Harris made a documentary about a young entertainer called Groovin' Gary who put on a talent contest in his local town to showcase his Olivia Newton John impersonation. Harris then remade Gary's story as a black & white student film starring a before-he-was-famous Sean Penn. He finally wrote and directed a full colour dramatised short film of Gary's story starring Crispin Glover. It's a great story in all its incarnations though sadly the Beaver Trilogy was never officially released since the filmmakers weren't given the rights to Olivia's song (oh, the evils of copyright!)

So this is my own little tribute to the saga, trying to keep the spirit of the movie alive, especially since I've found out that the original Groovin' Gary passed away last year.

Groovin' Gary

Created: Jan 22, 2010

Tags: crossdressing, song, film

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