To all of you

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(Wrote this letter today as part of an exercise for myself, and thought you might appreciate it)


Dear friend,

A cool breeze, smelling faintly of spring passed through me today and reminded me of you.  Then the very act of breathing it in and pushing it back out of my lungs inspired me to write to you (for lack of any other option, of course).

As I walked along, I saw a most beautiful and inspiring sight which, I wager, you'll also appreciate, not only for its obvious beauty but also for its philosophical and metaphorical implications.

There!  A single daisy, in full bloom with a sturdy, healthy stem and delicate petals, had grown through a crack in the pavement.  A field of concrete surrounded it, and though it looked out of place; nature existing betwixt modernity, it stood proud and tall.

Imagine the struggle it must have endured in order to exist in such an alien place.  I felt a pang of sympathy for the flower, but then instantly retracted it, for it did not require nor request any such offence from me.  Such an achievement of breaking through the hardness of a false earth should be revered!

I feel that many of us are like that daisy:  fighting and struggling against the daily, monthly, yearly adversities which attempt to oppress and restrain us from reaching our full potential.

Such a hardship should be embraced with a conquering spirit!  And too many times we allow ourselves to deflate and feel sorry for our own pititful state, when instead we should challenge the challenger.

Like that delicate flower surviving, nay, living in conditions for which it was not designed nor for which it was prepared, should be the same affirmation with which we should all guide ourselves daily.

Please do not despair or lose hope.  There is so much more to be gained by finding strength from within and battling ever upwards through the crack in the pavement.

Yours, etc.


Created: Jan 13, 2011


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