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"Legion": Inspired by Oxana Malaya's heartbreaking story.

There is a story out there about this little girl, and it is one of the most gut-wrenching life stories I’ve come across. It follows the journey of a girl, Oxana Malaya, and the struggles she went through while being raised by dogs….literally. She found herself surrounded by a pack of them upon conception, and ended up animalistic herself. Just typing this stops my heart because it is one of the most heart-breaking stories of the “human-condition-gone-wrong” I’ve ever come across. I am positive that viewers would want to see such a story told, especially because of its cold truths.


Nevertheless, I immediately remembered that the bible contains a story of the same veins. Legion’s story that is (the man possessed by a demon called “Legion”).

It is said he was surrounded by pigs, just like my lead protagonist (as you will see below). That is how the title came to be. I do not plan on incorporating any specific things from this biblical tale. I will just include a few subtle allusions here and there to help create vivid imagery. It will add more depth to the story.


I already have a pitch in mind.




 A little girl living finds herself alone in a pig farm upon conception. It's 1605 and this pig farm is located in a Puritan society ruled by conservative values.

Will this girl, or rather this "creature" (as puritans would suggest) be accepted in her community? or she's doomed to live an animalistic life.

If she is helped, the project will have more characters. If I decide she's solo, it will be a character study that focuses on survival----just like "127 Hours"


Created: Jan 13, 2011


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