Daughter of the Deep

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Les Sirènes

Saché-je d’où provient, Sirènes, votre ennui

Quand vous vous lamentez, au large, dans la nuit ?

Mer, je suis comme toi, plein de voix machinées

Et mes vaisseaux chantants se nomment les années.


The Sirens

Do I know where your ennui’s from, Sirens,

When you grieve so widely under the stars?

Sea, I am like you, filled with broken voices,

And my ships, singing, give a name to the years.



I based it off the later versions of sirens, who're less bird-women and more like mermaids, and I wanted it to reflect the kind of nature that lures ships and men to their deaths. Something that'd look alluring through mist or murky water, but once you're close enough to see her true nature, you're pretty much fucked. 


Not really finished, just lineart, but I have a tendency to destroy things when I go to more detail unless I stick to graphite or charcoal, so posting it now in case of total systems failure later on. ;)

Created: Jan 13, 2011


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