I am Grateful

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Okay well I was feeling very grateful this morning on the way to work. You know when sometimes all the silly stuff falls away and you just think - wow I'm lucky?

Then I saw catsolen's little things challenge, and thought this might somehow tie in, somewhere, maybe :) And I'm gonna be really cheesy and say this is for my lovely Mammy who is a silent ninja of HitRecord and a devout hearter of things! Got my bro addicted too - it's a family affair! How sappy am I today? :)

I am Grateful

I am grateful that my body is intact
That I have arms and legs, a front and back
And I'm grateful for the forces in my favour
For benevolence that only rarely wavers

I am glad I have the freedom to reflect
To speak my mind and be met with respect
That I have loved and been loved back aswell
To have people who would catch me if I fell

I am lucky to have been born in a place
Where I can eat and drink and show my face
To a family where I was well looked after
By two brothers and a mother and a father.

I am happy to be healthy and still breathing
And to know that when my final breath is leaving
That I can set my soul and bones to rest
Knowing that my days were truly blessed.

Created: Jan 22, 2010


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