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5 Minutes

By poeticmelody

5 minutes. 

5 minutes is all it takes to log off, log back in and find out on social media that your rights are, your life is being taken away.

5 minutes.

5 minutes is all it takes to wake up and make a smoothie before heading out the door, to face the day.

5 minutes.

5 minutes are all it takes to say hello to a stranger, smile, ring up their items, and when they leave, wonder if your performance, which your boss can see from across the store, will outweigh whatever that customer fills out on the survey at the end of that receipt. 

5 minutes.

5 minutes is all it takes to plan how you can both eat and be productive in getting closer to your dreams on your half hour break.

5 minutes.

5 minutes is all it takes to step back and examine your day to day. 5 more minutes to see what's at stake. 5 more minutes to decide if you're going to wake up and repeat the day to day repeat the day repeat again and again or wake up and make a new beat, a new bridge for the next day.

I just want 15 minutes.

5 Minutes

Created: Jan 15, 2017


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