The Mundane World of Annabelle Fuoco part I

By AlexaAnn

Annabelle Fuoco lived an ordinary life. She attended ordinary schools and after kept ordinary jobs. She had ordinary friends and wore ordinary clothes.
Annabelle longed for the extraordinary. She would try to find it in the people she met and the new places her car could take her. However the people she would meet were much like the ones she knew and these new places resembled the the old. Stuck in America, Annabelle would wake up every morning and make her way to the Coffee Stoppe, her current place of employment.
Annabelle dutifully made lattes, smiled, and wished everyone a great day. "You don't mean that," someone answered back.
"Pardon me?," a confused Annabelle responded.
"You don't really care if I have a good day or not do you?," the stranger shot back. "You're sticking to the script. Hey, I respect that, but don't expect me not to call you out on it."
Annabelle gazed at the extordinary stranger. Her chestnut eyes complimented her short dirty blonde hair, cut in a way Annabelle wish she had the nerve to. What to say back? Pixie cut was right. She didn't care one way or another if double shot soy expresso had a 'good one'.
"Well?," Pixie demanded. "Am I wrong?"
All Annabelle said was "Ma'am I'm sorry but you're holding up the line."
"Annabelle," Pixie began after glancing at her laminated name tag. "Your life is bullshit." With that she was gone.
Stunned Ms. Fuoco stared straight ahead for a beat or two before she realized there was a coustomer none to happy about waiting another twenty seconds to order their first caffine fix of the day. "Can I help you?," she asked for the next six hours of her life.
After what seemed like a decade Annabelle got into her ordinary car and somehow made it home. She had been preoccupied all day with the pixie coiffed stranger. She was obviously right. Her life was as of now bullshit. Tomorrow that bullshit would be aged another day.
At that moment Annabelle decided she would not stand for this any longer. She won't go into work tomorrow. She won't shower tomorrow. She'll denouce everything she owns tomorrow. Tomorrow was to be her independence day!
After dinner and much thought on the matter she decided the not bathing and the denoucement of all earthly posessions could wait until after work at least...
Seven am. Annabelle cannot resist and has a quick shower not so carefully drying her (just hanging there) hair upon exit. Next thing she knows she's dressing in her white polo black pant uniform and pinning her laminated name tag to her chest. She looks in the mirror almost disgusted at the record time she makes it out the door each identical morning.
As she drives to work she thinks about how her life might have been different if she hung round with the bad crowd in high school. Almost positive Lauren Bloom is leading an extaordinary life Annabelle is certain she made the wrong decision making all the right ones.
*****All I have so far...this is basically late night/early morining keyboard purge. not knowing where i want to go with side b or even think Annabelle deserves a side b. friends tell me the best way to cure writers block is to just write/type EVERYTHING! don't know if that's always the answer but worth a shot. my becoming a hit recorder is all about (finally) throwing ideas out there and seeing what comes back. so please let me know what you think! thanks!
- AlexaAnn

The Mundane World of Annabelle Fuoco part I

Created: Jan 22, 2010


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