Then the clowns

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The solitary tear sits eternal

A contradictory canvas for all to see

Painted expressions for wanton eyes

A beautiful agony

Exaggerated and prevaricated

Less a smile than an inverted frown

Guided by cheers and jeers of the hoards

A vassal of spurious brevity

A flutter to the whim of the circle

The lion roars, the whip cracks

Uproarious turmoil

The acrobats balance, tumble and swing

To expectant oohs and aahs

Grace and beauty mirrored by courage and daring

Then the clowns

The harlequins, buffoons and jesters

The humourist madcap picadors

The pale imitation of gaiety

Shrouded in lugubrious melancholy

Aspiring to Buster

Tarnished by Pennywise

The mainstay of the downtrodden

Capricious oppression



(Inspired by the great clown paintings by Phenomenaaa and Layla)

Created: Jan 10, 2011


ruffedges Document Media