Marvellous Marv the Venerated Veterinarian

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Took a few years off rejjie's great Little Marv..:) poor ill-fated Marv in happier times.<3

Poem by: Metaphorest

Marvellous Marv Was a veteran vet Who could hypnotize hippos And petrified pets From the teeniest toad To the mightiest mammal He could appease an ape Or calm a cross camel He loved to budge budgies From cages to trees When spiders were spying He helped to flee fleas He gave badges to badgers For being so brave And ribbons to robins He’d managed to save Yes, he could fix foxes And mend owwy owls Prevent sickly chickens From feeling so foul But one creepy critter Old Marv could not take The slippery, slithery Serpentine snake Til one addled adder Appeared at Marv’s door And hissed that his head Was all spinny and sore So despite reservations Marv took the snake in To investigate what Made the serpent’s head spin But as soon as he handled The sneaky snake’s head It poised and it poisoned And Marv was left dead The point of this poem (If you haven’t guessed) Is that sometimes in life To be cowardly’s best See there’s no shame in fear Of a genuine threat If only he’d known it Poor Marvin the Vet

Created: Jan 10, 2011


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