Forbidden Love

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Forbidden Love
Mysteriously passionate
Makes the heart grow fonder
While the hand stays abstinent
Supplied with the fantasies
Of past, present, future
Interrupting reality
Won’t damage the sutures
That hold together
The possibility of us
Sown so tight
We can’t adjust
To keep desire
Locked up inside
Will flame the fire
Not ease your mind
Are daydreams meant to come to life?
Either keep this secret
Or leave your wife
Either kiss me once
Or sneak around
Either throw the key
Or bring it down
Controlling demons
Who beg release
Is worse than showing
Those demons peace
Still worse is knowing
Those demons sleep
And while you’re awake
They swim your sheets
Forbidden love
Two slaves of need
Who suffer from
The need to be
Stay stuck in hell
Get cut and bleed
And through it all
Don’t ask to leave

Created: Jan 09, 2011


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