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OK, I have some time now (through the end of January, but possibly beyond) and I want to do more here. Sadly, I don't have much in the way of software or...talents... ;) but here's what I think I could be useful for.

Challenge me to revise, rewrite, or write something based on other text RECords here. I'm best with poetry and non-fictional prose. I have never, ever written a play, and probably don't want to start now, but since this is a challenge I probably shouldn't rule anything out.

Several of my poems have been made into songs (including one by tonguecutsparrow, thanks!!!) so I could also write you some lyrics if you give me a mood and topic (or music). You know, some parameters.

'Cause I have a bad tendency to feel like the circle of tiny story fame, so help me be...pointy? Nah, "useful".

(I can also help with edits if you need someone to look over your writing. I'm good with grammar and spelling and that sort of thing. I'm also pretty good with tweaking wording to better capture meaning or to eliminate an oft-repeated word. That's not a challenge, just a standing offer.)

Created: Jan 08, 2011


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