The Garden's Girl

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The vines spiraled out so quickly like a branch of lies

Stuck themselves swiftly into the girl’s awaiting eyes

The crimson blood that hastily trickled warmly down her ghostly face

Left her feeling a half remembered real embrace

Deep scars that tore and stretched across her wicked skin

Turned this twisted thorny girl into a mangled twin

The icy garden leaves of rose’s regret and sage’s sorrow

Awaited the girls fate for another looming morrow

She was left to stand among dead and yellow weeds alone

Now left a hollow shell with useless soul out thrown


But now the battered and bloodied weedy girl out lashes

Disfigured arms outstretched her body soon crashes

Her fingers are now numbed to the blood they are shedding

Browned foliage surrounds her while their death is spreading

Thin tattered twigs and ragged roots are strewn about

The girl has finally triumphed in causing the Garden’s deadly rout

Transformed into tulip’s turmoil and willow’s worry

Now slinks away the decaying flora in massive flurry

Rises up the victorious girl muddied bloodied and worn  

Returns home dusting off her dress now mangled and torn


The once populated earthy ground will never stay alone

Always requiring a master in its heartless home

Out go scrawny saplings the remaining lowly from the bloodied fight

Searching for a keeper by safety of darkened night

Soon the simple foliage cross nighted paths with a city boy

They promise him earth and light his long awaited joy

The willow’s whispers and lilac’s lull tempt this pure boy’s heart

Into the tangled dying weeds that once was beautiful art

Off travel the boy and seed to a place filled with hate

Between the empty promise that it will grow the love he will await


The city boy was overtly nurturing and kind

Watering each wilted tender leaf he’d find

But soon the glowing garden’s light grew dull and worn thin

And was replaced by a different darker kin

Wishing for him to remain chaparral’s cling and vine’s vice

Brought the poor boy smashing down like rigid ice

The garden’s brush quickened it’s spiral out of place

Rooting and winding their way up past his waist


The garden’s girl awoke with shattered dreams

Out rang through the ink and fog bloodied screams

Spiriting expeditiously in darkness she did dash

To the garden she’d thought was dead at last

Between brush and bramble the girl called out

Hoping and praying another had not gone her rout

Reaching the garden grass’s gouge and arum’s assail

 The twisted girl saw the injured boy and began to wail

Questioning garden for answers she was shaken

Girl and boy wanted the truth to why they were taken


The garden slowly relented in releasing the boy

Despite his stranger standing the girl rushed to him with joy

Curling back deeper into the dirt the wicked weeds attempted to avoid fate

But the girl leapt up from her post snatching up foliage before it was too late

No options left the ragged plants told they were not made this way

Not long ago they often welcomed smiling children’s play

The ambrosia’s amusement and geranium’s giggles filled the air

As hands spread joy in dirt and water with loving care

Time passed and no children came, they had grown up older

Leaving the garden alone to suffer while it grew colder


The garden’s once gentle heart grew angry with rage

How could the children leave them because of their age

They took solace in seeing passing children’s faces

But no child would enter their once beautiful spaces

In desperation flora plotted a twisted plan

To get children back into their dying land

Euphorbia’s entangled while petunia’s pulled the children in

Begging for company the garden asked for only one breaking sin

For the lone child to never leave the garden’s side

Biding their soul with thorny flora they’d forever be tied


The children never listened to the plant’s appeal

And quickly turned their back on the offered deal

The garden grew violent branches shaking sadistic and mad

The unwilling child was not fit for anyone to have had

Decaying and distorted brambles swallowed the child whole

Burying the body within the ground like a mangled mole

Honeysuckle hissed and mandrake’s murmured their deadly deeds

O f each child they’d taken away now buried under the weeds

The boy and girl were speechless hanging on the bramble’s word

Both clung onto one another learning of the children that had gone unheard


The scarred girl stood arms outstretched to the sun

Shouting her pain that the garden had earlier won

With time the marks across her would never leave

And her memories would be fresh for her to grieve

The boy joined in telling his fear filled plight

Showing his scars along his chest from the flora’s fight

  Realizing it’s error wisteria wept and sage screeched out it’s shame

In one last act to right their wrongs the garden burst it’s brush aflame

The city boy grew silent and crept out of the engulfing blaze in alarm

In flurry of emotions the Garden’s Girl cursed the weeds for causing such harm


The boy and girl left the charred earth as one  

Hand in hand they escaped their battle now won

City boy returned to the busy loud noise

Never once questioning abandoning his joys

Garden’s girl reentered her life once more

With the scars on her body she proudly wore

Ashen root’s rotting and Clematis’s crumbling as they die

The garden left the world with a regretful sigh

Only one reunion between city and garden did come

Together planting a seed in the bright warm sun


This is (most likely) the final version to this rapidly growing poem. Thank you all so much for your support I don't know how I'd finish anything without it <3 Attilee

Created: Jan 08, 2011


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