Grow Up

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I didn't think
About you today.
My mind didn't
Create fantasy meetings.
It didn't rewind
Past conversations.
I didn't think
About you at all.

I grew confidence today.
Not a lot.
But enough.
It just seems
Like I tried to
Convince myself,
Into thinking That
You could fix me.
That you could
Boost me into gear,
Get me going,
Help me grow.

I'm getting old.
Yet, I still hide
Behind this mask
I claim to be
My childhood.
What I do know is,
That you could break it.

I didn't think about
You at all, today.
Why did I?
When I was sad,
Why did I think of you?

A little confidence
That's all it took
To forget.

I like you.
No doubt, do I
Like you.
But, I didn't
I forgot.

I didn't think about
You today, Chris.

Created: Jan 08, 2011


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