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Q: Tell me about yourself. 


A: Honey, this is the nicest question. I like it for these reasons:

1.) The words “tell me”. They’re beautiful words. They are asking you to speak to them about something. You have the power to decide what you’ll speak of. 

2.) “About” is a writer’s best friend. About. Say it. It sort of rolls off your tongue, although not really. It’s sort of a… warm word. It’s like a hill. Not too big, or too small. Too step, or too shallow. It gives you just enough to explain. To elaborate and correlate your thoughts. (Correlate is my favorite word.)

3. The word “yourself”. Let’s break this one down, because it’s too big. Like a puddle that’s just a tad too large to jump. “Your”. Or you. In this case, the writer is talking about me. Not to sound conceded or cocky, but everyone loves when it’s their turn to talk about themselves. Not because they want to get attention, but because it’s seen as rude to boast of your own doings. So when you get the chance in a conversation or piece of writing to speak of the ever-wonderful “you” it’s an opportunity in which you can take it and bend it like a light fragment. You can make your person (you) sound wonderful or terrible because you know your person (you) better than anyone else who you’ve known or who knows you. Now, “self”. What a wonderful word, self. When I hear “self” I immediately think of when someone says they’re going to take time for their self. For you, for your person. The word “self” to me is like a spa. A treatment. I don’t think of self as your physical person, when I hear “self” I think of your mental person. Your soul. 

So there… I’ve now told you about myself, without talking about myself at all.  

Created: Jan 08, 2011


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