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            The lines at Funland amusement park are usually long, but the line for the Daredevil seemed to go on forever. Only five years old, this rollercoaster is the park’s number one attraction. Of course I get the spot in line next to the annoying kids who don’t know what be quiet means. Avoiding them as much as possible I glance down, seeing the splotches of old gum on the wooden floor boards. The line in front of me drags on, weaving in and out of the line barriers, one of which I am sitting on. I hear screams and I know that the water ride next door has just sprayed its passengers, and I feel some water droplets hit me. More screams, and I know that the Daredevil has just gone over its largest hill. Listening harder I hear park music playing some song about staying happy all day. I start to smell greasy pizza from the restaurant nearby. The line moves and I can see the front of the line now. I am forced out of the shade and into the sun, which feels hotter than ever now. The gum in my mouth has lost its flavor and now tastes like rubber. I take a sip from my soda as the line moves some more, its watered down from the ice melting. I watch as some group of kids hop off the ride. They are wearing neon green t-shirt that say something about becoming a better person.  I feel myself starting to sweat from the heat. It is almost my turn to ride. The next set of coaster cars pull in and I hear the brakes from the ride hissing. The ride operator announces something indistinct over the intercom as the passengers climb out. Among them, is an old couple who are pale and look sickly from the spins and loops in the ride. The cars pull away and I’m up next. The cars pull in and I climb into the seat next to some little kid who is probably too young for the ride. I pull the safety bar down over my head. I can feel the cushioning press up against me as I prepare myself for the start. I take a breath and my mouth is filled with hot, dry air. I took one last glance around me, then I felt the ride lurch, and got ready to scream.

Created: Jan 08, 2011


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