The magnificent Circus of mr. Mandoone

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Welcome dear friends to our show here tonight.

i will show you great wonders of the dark side of light

We have spinning cats and elephants, with a style all their own.

and magic tricks and a psychic fix to ensure the mind is blown

We've got stunt men and short men with fat men and women,

who have seen all there is to see

so sit back by the light of the moon, enjoy the circus of Mr. Mandoone,

and you will leave thinking only of the whimsical fantasy.


in our first act we have here tonight

Is the rope held up high and tight

Walked across by no other than our own

Evangeline the small and lean

who has balanced on everything, rope, pole, and bean

and never fell and end up breaking a bone


she is the first of many wonders to come

and amaze you, you'll be struck dumb

you'll sit in your seats and gaze and swoon

but unfortunately our time is short

say pay us first we're a lively sort

in the Magnificent Circus of Mr. Mandoone.


the crowd will walk anxious and exited 


with all the acts they will be delighted

they take their seats along the side of the tent

and await Mandoone's timely descent 

Created: Jan 07, 2011


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