Flash Fiction (prompt 2) Widowed

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“I need you to understand something before I kill you” She gently prodded his struggling form and smiled fondly; his deep, dark eyes that had attracted her from the very beggining, screamed for mercy, wide and pleading in his handsome face. She brushed his cheek softly and continued her dinner.

“Its destiny; you know that. I realize it’s not necessarily required in society, but I can’t fight my whim. We would have worked, really. You’re kind and understanding and you don’t push me around.” She took another bite and groaned appreciatively, “You make a mean dinner, I must say,” he whimpered and struggled harder against the tight cords. They weren’t going to break, she was fully confident of her skills in restraint; it was her nature after all.

“Look,” She wiped her mouth delicately, “we both knew this was going to happen someday. This was preordained; I’m just adhering to the established norms.” He panicked as she straightened and stretched her lithe body.

She giggled a little and stepped gracefully toward where he laid, twisting and straining to escape. “You know I love you, we wouldn’t have gotten married if I didn’t love you. But we both fulfilled our purpose there and now it’s time to move on. Hush now,” the black widow spider cooed as she knelt next to her mate’s head and rubbed her pedipalps gently against his in affection. “I love you, but this is my nature, and who am I to fight that?”

Created: Jan 07, 2011


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