This Awkwardness

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I am an awkward girl. When humans are around me I’m not sure what to do or say. I usually go away into my thoughts and stare into their eyes without realizing it. When I walk in the halls I walk as fast as I can afraid that this humans will devour me. When I sit in class I don’t acknowledge the fact that people are staring at me while in my head there is a war going on and my arms and feet join this fight. When I am with humans I look at those little things that make them special even though they don’t know it. I’m always with a book and pencil in my head because at any minute these humans will do something amazing and I’ll go up to them and take notes and leave without a word. When I’m questioned the answers are immediately in my head but when my lips open not even I have any idea what I just said. Oh this awkwardness that I can’t simply escape from could have some bad sides but when awkwardness collides it could be the most amazing thing in the world. When I met that guy I noticed how his awkwardness makes him quite beautiful and I knew he noticed mines and as we stare at each other and the awkwardness grew it was heaven sent, or maybe even a coincidence. For feelings as those to create waves of enlightenment. This spark lit a fresh light that was hidden under my own insecurity. How out in the open for those few to nibble upon me. As I glide through the hallways, yet even though I acknowledge the everyday life, this awkwardness will always consume me.

Created: Jan 07, 2011


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