Goodbye & Good Luck

By Nairobin

These are the words that I will never say to one of my best friends named Calvin who has signed up with the British Armed Forces and is off next week to start his military career. Don’t get me wrong I’m proud of his convictions (though they are not the same as my own) and his intentions for making the world a better place but as you can imagine I’m worried sick for him and I can’t say this to him but I have to say them somewhere so I’m saying them here.

This is how I think the conversation would go …..

CALVIN: Well, I’m off and ready to sort this mess out. What’s up with you?

SHAZ: You know me worried sick as always

CALVIN: What about babe?

SHAZ: Oh nothing much, just bullets flying at my best friends head is all, (I would try to smile but it wouldn’t come out right).

CALVIN: Will you stop worrying about that, I’ve told you before I’m going to be a ninja no-one’s going to see me coming you can’t shoot what you can’t see, I promise.

SHAZ: I can’t help it natural born worrier right here, you’re like the little brother I never wanted but got anyway I’m terrified for you and there’s nothing you can say that’ll make that go away.

CALVIN: I know….I know….but you’ve got to know that I really know what I’m doing that’s all I’m saying

SHAZ: Just do me a favour there’s only one thing I can ask of you and this is it…. (I would pause not for dramatic effect but more to annoy the crap out of him). Come home……..

CALVIN: Of course I will your storing my good TV (he’d laugh at my mock hurt expression but give me a hug for good measure).

SHAZ: (Trying to hold back tears I know I won’t be able to keep from him much longer I say) Well bugger off then, go get drunk in your training, maybe the mess will be over and done with by the time your finished basic anyway (though I doubt that it will it’s a nice thought).

CALVIN: No doubt, will be seeing you

SHAZ: Will be seeing you (and I would watch him walk away into his new but possibly dangerous life).

I would never say the title words of this conversation as I feel that he’s most probably scared enough already but putting on a brave face for the rest of us.

So I’ll say them here instead.........

Thank you

Goodbye & Good Luck

Created: Jan 22, 2010


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