Flash Fiction- Changeling. (exactly 250 words!)

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"I need you to understand something, before I kill you." Says the Man in Black. He is holding an old-fashioned revolver in his hand and its pointed directly at me. My heart is pumping faster than its ever pumped. The doctor always said my heart beat too fast, but this was crazy. I back up against my bedpost purely instinctively. I know I'm doomed. I feel like I did when I was a little girl, wanting to hide under the covers until the monsters went away.

"W-what?" I ask, trying to stay defiant.

"You don't belong here." The man says. "Your kind belongs in hell." What does he mean my kind? I don't know. He laughs seeing the look on my face. His hand whips around to the pocket of his trench coat where he pulls out of a music box. He begins to turn the handle on the side and a strange tune starts playing. Then an even stranger feeling overcomes me. A crazy sort of chaos. It made me want to jump up and dance, and I would if not for the extreme pain. I let out a shriek as I feel something rip through my back, I feel my nails sharpen into points, and I see me skin turn a light shade of green. When the pain subsides I'm huddled in the corner, my wings twitching. I look up and the Man in Black is holding the gun right in my face.

"Go back to Fairyland, Changeling."

Created: Jan 06, 2011

Tags: murder, changeling, faery, fairy, faerie, faeries, fairies, depressing, scary

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