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Here is a suggestion for a conceptual REmix of iamcharlie's "Monitors on Fire (low res)":


* Use iamcharlie's "Monitors on Fire (low res)" ( as a background; essentially as a wall of REmixed visuals.

* You could use this .png of Joe ( in the foreground holding this .png computer monitor ( and insert either graphics, video, or text into the computer (maybe something like "The REvolution will be REmixed" - I dunno, something like that.)

*I think incorporating "Boy.png" ( by LizzieMackie would be interesting. Maybe the boy could turn on the TVs somehow. Or be an observer of the TV's?

* Animate the scene in some kind of way. Maybe have all the TV's start off with different videos (like iamcharlie has done) but then start to make them all synchronize into the hitRECord logo, or have them all combine to say "Are you RECording?"

* An easy way to find other useful .png images is to do a keyword search for "png."


So there are just some suggestions I had right off the bat for how to REmix and expand what iamcharlie has started (all the RECords I linked above are also REsourced below so you can find them easily - I added a few more that I didn't directly mention.)

I think this could evolve into a really cool series of videos, or promos for the site.



Created: Jan 06, 2011


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