Bad Day: A Short Screenplay

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MARCUS sits on his bed, reading a book. The door opens and Marcus's dorm mate ZACH enters, closing the door behind him and making a beeline for his own bed, collapsing onto it. Marcus looks up from his book.


ZACH: I am so tired, I could sleep for a week.


MARCUS: Tough day?


ZACH: You wouldn't believe.


MARCUS: Try me.


ZACH: First of all, my professor decides to surprise the class by telling us to read 10 pages of a book we don't even have, so we now have to go out and buy this book before Thursday.


MARCUS: Bummer.


ZACH: Hardly, compared to what comes next.


MARCUS: Uh oh.


ZACH: Then he tells us we have to do a group project.


MARCUS: But you like group projects.


ZACH: I'm not finished. He then assigns Crystal and Harry and Jasmine to be in a group.


MARCUS: The three students from your class that you hate with all your heart.


ZACH: Yes.


MARCUS: So it's a good thing that they're all in a group separate from you, right?


ZACH: And then the prof tells me to join them.


MARCUS: In the group.


ZACH: With them.




ZACH: So now I'm in the same group as Stupid, Ditzy and Wacko.


MARCUS: I'm sorry, Man, I -




MARCUS: That's not enough?


ZACH: You'd think it'd be! But no. No no no. THEN, as I'm walking out of the classroom, I bump into Samantha.


MARCUS: Your ex.


ZACH: Bingo.


MARCUS: Awkward.


ZACH: Colossally.


MARCUS: So what happened?


ZACH: She asked me how I was. I answered "Peachy." Then she asked if I was dating anyone. I answered "In my dreams."


MARCUS: Then what?


ZACH: Then I said "Now If you'll excuse me, I have to scream into a pillow for two and a half hours."


MARCUS: What'd she say to that?


ZACH: "This is why I broke up with you."


MARCUS: Rough, man.


ZACH: I hate my life.


MARCUS: Stay strong.


ZACH: And it's only Tuesday.


MARCUS: Want a beer?


ZACH: Only one?


MARCUS: Want the whole case?


ZACH: Just the one case?


MARCUS: I think you need a hug.


ZACH: I might, but it's certainly not coming from you.


MARCUS: I'm wounded.


ZACH: You know nothing of pain.


MARCUS: Is that a threat?


ZACH: Could be. Let me decide. While I am, get me alcohol.


MARCUS: Should I hide the sharp objects while I'm at it?


ZACH: Couldn't hurt.


MARCUS: It could, that's why I'll hide them.


ZACH: Smart man.


MARCUS: I'm taking my life in my hands living with you.


ZACH: Beer. Gimmie. Swiftness is your friend right now.


MARCUS: And on your tombstone it shall read: "Here lies Zach Monoval. Was a happy man until his second year at University. Then he resorted to drinking and threatening his dorm mate."


ZACH: "And then he murdered his dorm mate because he was taking to long to bring him his beer."


Marcus tosses his book aside and gets up.


MARCUS: Point taken, point taken.


Marcus hurries into the kitchen.


MARCUS: (CALLING) Light beer or regular?


There's a silence as Marcus peeks around the kitchen door to find Zach giving him a look.


ZACH: You're kidding me, right?


MARCUS: Apologies. I'm just worried about your health.


ZACH: Worry about your own. Move it.


Marcus ducks back into the kitchen.



Created: Jan 04, 2011

Tags: short script, screenplay, short film script, screenplay short

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