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only a fling (full story)

By bryn_haz

By the time I was 19, I still hadn't been kissed. I felt weird, undesirable, ugly. I forced myself to get out there and try to date. In the summer of 2013, I had my first kiss. It was some boy I met online because I had no confidence in finding a guy in the real world. We met up in downtown Toronto and he kissed me as soon as he saw me.

We spent all of summer together. Kissing, cuddling, watching movies. I was weird and clingy, uncomfortable with the attention but wanting more. I liked him a lot but didn't think he felt the same. Nearing the end of the summer, he was going back to Ottawa and I was returning to Kingston. He told me we should break up, that it was "just a summer fling" anyway, that he wouldn't come visit me in the fall. I was heart broken.

Once school began, we never talked again. I started dating a new guy a month later. We fell in love. Three years later, the boy who broke my heart contacted me again. Wanting to know how I was, what I was doing. He kept telling me how cute I was, how much he wanted to see me again. 19 year-old me felt so vindicated. 

It was a summer fling to him, but he still had my number 3 years later and I had forgotten all about him.

only a fling (full story)

Created: Nov 17, 2016

Tags: love, summer, breakup, romance, theme, story, non-fiction, essay, prose

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