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Once there was a guy named Joe, who wanted a place of his own, a creative space, for his art.  So he carved out a place and filled it with art for the world to see.  But he got lonely making art by himself, so he invited the world to join in!  And they did!  A few, then hundreds, then thousands, then tens of thousands, and so on and so on until this little place he’d carved out was overflowing with art.  And all those people had a creative space of their own, and they started to make things they never would have made.  And they collaborated with people they had never met.  And something was set in motion, some great project that couldn’t be stopped!  People tried to describe it.  Everything is on fire all the time, one said.  Another said, they can’t turn the lights off now!  Whatever it was called, it couldn’t be stopped because something had been turned on in all of the people.  Once they had started to express themselves through art, they couldn’t stop, couldn’t live without it.  So they didn’t.  And they, and the world, were never the same.

Created: Jan 03, 2011


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