Wasted Youth

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With no great belief,

We’ll waste well into the night,

5 shots in, 5 times more fight.

With our bottle of gin,

Because the ships are out.

We put them in the creak out back,

To sail themselves.

We fill our bottles differently these days,

And our once great futures of firefighter scientists,

Becomes our haze,

As we suck the mouth of smokey tubes,

To feel better and to laugh just for the night,

Just for a while because we’re living for the now.

With no regards,

And no regrets,

Our sail boats fly,

Grazing treetops to mingle with the owls,

With their wide and wise advice,

Who’ll pull you under a wing,

And everything will be okay.

Created: Jan 03, 2011

Tags: wasted youth, poetry, poem

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