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the assignment was to approach a stranger and ask them to take our picture and tell them we wanted to look proud, and then precede to make ourselves look proud while they took the picture. then get it printed off at a photo lab as an 8X10 and bring it into class.

I guess i was dead set on making it even more awkward than it needed to be and i went into the public restroom in one of the main buildings on campus and asked the first guy i saw to take my picture. he washing his hands, and dressed in a suit. he agreed right away and just to break the awkwardness said he would prefer it to not be in the restroom. but then i had to break it to him that the restroom was precisely where i wanted him to take it. he asked if this was some kind of set up, and i assured him that it was not, it was just something i had to do. i stood by the urinal, told him i wanted to look proud, and he said he would leave that up to me, and i laughed and assured him that was no problem.

i think it turned out pretty well, he got exactly how much urinal i wanted there to be in the picture.

Created: Jan 22, 2010


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