China: A Short Screenplay

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SOPHIE, mid-twenties, sits at a table by a window across from her boyfriend PETER, also mid-twenties. They're looking over their notes. Peter looks up.

PETER: What do you think about China?

SOPHIE: What do I think of it?

PETER: Yeah.

SOPHIE: It’s a country.

PETER: True.

SOPHIE: They don’t speak English there.

PETER: Also true.

SOPHIE: It’s a long plane ride away from here.

PETER: That’s true as well.

SOPHIE: Do you want me to list off everything I know about China?


SOPHIE: Because I could.

PETER: I’m aware. But no thanks.

SOPHIE: Why’d you ask me about it?

PETER: Would you want to go?

SOPHIE: Do you know how expensive that would be?

PETER: Pretty expensive.

SOPHIE: Very expensive. We can’t afford it right now. We both have tuition.

PETER: That’s your excuse for everything. We never spend any money, because whenever I say something like “We should rent a movie!” You say “Tuition.” I say “We need new pillow cases!” And you say “Tuition.” “Let’s dance!” “Tuition.”

SOPHIE: I don’t say “Tuition” when you say “Dance.”

PETER: But you’re thinking it.

SOPHIE: Only because you always step on my feet when we dance.

PETER: But if you let me take dancing lessons, that wouldn’t happen.

SOPHIE: Tuition.

PETER: I saw that one coming, just so you know.

SOPHIE: Congratulations. Now get back to researching.

PETER: You’ll think about China?

SOPHIE: Research.

PETER: I sense a new favourite excuse coming on.

SOPHIE: Research?

PETER: Research.

SOPHIE: Now you’re catching on. How about doing it?


SOPHIE: Research.

PETER: I totally walked into that one, didn’t I.

SOPHIE: Research.

PETER: Right.


Created: Jan 02, 2011

Tags: short film script, screenplay, short script, screenplay short

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