Living Right

By poeticmelody

Living Right - April 13, 2007

12 am I can’t sleep
I wake up to this rush of heat
Where am I?
There, I see everyone all around me
Normal faces but not my reality
There was thunder before
Which overpowered my stereo
There is sunlight now, so much more
But I still cannot find the place to go back
To where I know, to where I knew
“Why not stay? Why not for just one day?” she asked, Joy
The regular, examining me, the outsider
I could see it in her eyes
Waiting to break me down
Enjoying as every worn piece of me
Slowly dies
Just to be born again
Renewed, unbound
There, all of the unwritten standards
Lead everyone’s state of mind
Because we all want to be different…yet right
Is that so wrong?
Is that so wrong?
Only thing to do is live right
Live right
We all have a right
But what is right?
Not conforming yet adapting
Stillness in the night
Yet deafening reminders of reality
It’s so different here
I’ve got to get out of there
I need to be here
So I can move forward
Some try
Some say they did and do not
Some try
But here is my reality
Where the storm does last always
But everyone’s okay.

Living Right

Created: Jan 22, 2010


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