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I read all the suggestions in this collab and decided to clean it and leave only those that I think seem more useful. It may help in some way :) (What I did in most of the suggestions was to cut and paste. Sorry if the text is too long.)

**EDIT: I added numbers to the ideas, to find it easier to say whether you agree with any or want to modify or delete another. I have no problem going by editing this text :D


1- Media subtypes. Example image/photo image/painting image/lineart, text/story text/script text/poem etc. Also filterable.

2- Confirmation screen before posting. Warn if a submission is missing a title, or a file, to make sure they were really *supposed* to be missing and not just forgotten.

3- A "Show More" button at the bottom of Latest Records page.

4- Download - include the record number in the default filename. I currently do this manually with every record download - when remixing with multiple files it is the surest way i have found to keep track of the original resource record, so I can properly credit it under Resources.

5- Question Mark icon: allow anyone to mark images as possible copyright violation or other TOU violation, as soon as possible before other people start remixing with that Record.


6-Tracking of records: Is it possible that we might devise a system that one might be able to keep track of records upon which one has commented? I'm having a devil of a time keeping up with records like such, and it would help foster conversations regarding said records.


7- Icons for RECords need to be resources of those RECords. Currently, icons for RECords are not linked to those RECords in the resources/results drawer at all.


8- "Random Record" feature Done! <3 (I hadn't seen the "Random Record" button until today xD)


9- Option for email alerts when someone responds to my Remarks, or to my Records

10- Allow full sort options and search filter options within a users page, just as you can with the Browse page. Some people already have huge numbers of records to page through.

11- Treat Albums as actual folders. Your "List all REcords" becomes your Default Album. Once you move a Record into an album/folder, it disappears from the Default Album/main listing. Thus, once you have contributed dozens/hundreds/thousands of records, you and other users can navigate through them according to some scheme you devise. Instead of paging through what could become a very, very long list of Records.


12- Skills Registry - As part of each user's profile, allow listing of their relevant skills - actor, actress, camera, lighting, audio editing, music, video editing, script writing, writing, poetry, make up, etc. etc. For each skill, allow them to specify their experience level - professional, intermediate, beginner, or want to learn. Then allow searches by skill and/or geographic area. Say, I need to recruit an actor in Miami, or a make-up person in Paris.

13- (similar to one above) Latest Records page - Show everything new since the user last logged in, or last displayed the page. Same for Conversations page.


14- What about adding the possibility we currently have in albums to see the elements as thumbnails or in an extended view also to other pages, e.g. on the page where you get to see all records of a user (


15- I'm very glad you will be adding timestamps with time as well as dates. When you do, please, 11:15am is simple, precise, immediately understandable. Cutsey, vague timestamps like "a few minutes ago" or "three hours ago" require extra thought and don't actually tell you the info you want. [I so wish Facebook would learn this lesson!] If anybody actually likes it the other way, maybe it could be a user settable option. Also, some people like 24 hour time, some 12 hour, so that could also be an option.

16- Ability to download an entire album, where all records in the album will download as a .zip archive

17- Ability to see everything about a Record on one page. The page that shows the full text does not show the comments, and vice versa. Often I need to have both open and switch back and forth between them.

18- Make user information (website, location and portrait) available only to logged in users. My main concern here is that our personal information and photos get indexed on Google, and I have some privacy concerns about that. Limiting this info to show only to logged in users would exclude it from search bots.

19- Filter our portraits and icons from the "Recent Records" paget, searches, etc. by default (at least as an option). By definition, these are intended as memory jogs, rather than as art. Obviously some portraits are extremely artistic, and people could certainly upload those as regular RECords. But most are understandably snapshot quality rather than artistic, and I find they clutter up the lists when I am mainly looking for artistic images.


20- Slideshow view for RECords: A slideshow view would be a nice display option to have for any collection of RECords, including: Albums, Collaborations, the Resources and Results pages for any RECord, and the various listings on a user's page (Featured RECords, All RECords, Recommended RECords)


21- The horizontal images are automatically scaled down to fit , but with vertical, they are still way to huge to be viewed at once. I want to submit high resolution images for people to remix, but I would like my images on the page to be smaller for better viewing. I hope I am making sense. Please check out my profile for an example (Hot day in Beijing, Holden Beach).


22- See the image associated with the audio while we listen to it. It's annoying, at least to me, that when I click to listen to a file, I can no longer see the accompanying artwork that was obviously there for a reason.


23- Useful page titles: Maybe just an automatic one with the name of the artist or record you are looking at would be really useful.


24- Add thumbnails to all activity stories: I find that as I go through my activity and it becomes more and more cluttered as a result of following more people, I start to ignore everything that doesn't have a picture next to it. This is basically recommendations; only new pieces get pictures. If we could have thumbnails added for these types of updates or at least have an optional feature we can turn on or off, that would be awesome.


25- Full title on mouseover: When you move your mouse over the title of a thumbnail, would be good to show the full title.

(My contribution to suggestions.)


Suggestions  in the comments:

26- Confirmation screen before unrecommend record. I'd add - "are you sure you want to unrecommend this record" as an additional step.

Created: Jan 02, 2011

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