in folly or in fire

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A little closer to the truth

But nowhere near your heart.

Watching and waiting

and thinking in circles,

Twisting along the gentle curve

That should be your body,

Desperately wanting what I cannot touch.

It's just a shape, barely imagined,

Hardly real.

I stand, fully present,

This moment drifting and shifting

Distorting what I know to what I think

To, finally, what I forgot.

And I will forget again.

Forget the need, forget the want,

Forget the days and nights

And everything we felt.

I feel your absence like a hole in my hand

Letting sand slip through

With barely a sound

While my fingers clutch desperately

At what they can never hold safe.

I’ll let it fall and drift and fade.

Like you. Like then.

The cycle continues, repeating


So the wheels spins.

Turning and returning until pain becomes


Until the sun rises once more

Before setting in my soul, a fire

Brightest flame.

In folly, I will refrain,

But in that fire,

You will remain.

Created: Jan 02, 2011


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