7x7 : Week of September 19th

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1) Cautiously approaching a herd of nervous-looking cows standing guard outside Bonnie's Castle. 2) Wandering around inside the abandoned hemp farm-house - and this time with permission from the owner, which is rare - it was a massive, beautiful home. 3) Erica and Jill choosing flowers to place in with Erica's Grandmother, Renita Hampton. She passed away on the 17th... I'm not sure how many friends and relatives approached Erica during the viewing to tell her that she looks *exactly* like her Grandmother... I lost count after around 25. 4) Erica and I find a puppy on the side of the road - said puppy pees on my leg from the excitement of being found. 5) Taking Ralph Waldo Emerson back to the farm-house. 6) Erica discovering a box in the back-upstair bedroom full of dresses from when she was as young as 1 year old. 7) Driving through a KY rain-storm on our way to pick-up Xander in Cincinnati.

Created: Dec 31, 2010


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