Small Steps

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It's been a while since I hitRECord, but it's New Year's Eve and I was trying to think about where I've been, the things that distract and I guess, also where I want to go now. So instead of writing something new, I thought I'd remix others to work out where I'm at.

The constellations
emerging from behind
clouds. I don’t ask
the driver
for my suitcase.
The road underneath us and
a mouth full of stars, I’m not sure
where this trip will
take me
but for now I can
wait to find out.
This is my ladder.
A needed source of inspiration.
Climbing upward to new ideas.
I step down from the bus,
the ache
stretched across the length of me.
I have seen the sky
before; I have smelt
the morning air.
I know what I should do,
I don't do it.
I am not
the sum of my parts.
I am whichever way my heart wishes to beat.
First things first. I am leaving here.

Created: Dec 31, 2010


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