What you don't learn in class [Lyrics]

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This is a pop song. Kind of.


You've got two options, both of them absurd:

You can sit straight and hang on every word your teacher says OR

There's passing the notes and seducing the nerdy kids, pirating study guides for the homework you never did.

But when you put down the pencil and get off your ass- these are things you'll never learn in class.


I still don't get the Odyssey. And Physics yet remains a mystery (at least for me)!

 But my skin's gotten thicker than a journey at sea could make, my mental state is sicker than my past shrink (or two) could take.

And I thought of answer that requires amending, it requires amending, I considered an ending.

I considered an ending but I won't pull through.

And that lesson is worth much more than your grade a quarter or your SAT score.

You learn from the things that you don't think should happen.


There are three ways to shut out all the light:

You can blame yourself and start to self-indict your past mistakes.

Or you can bottle it in as you starve for attention, or take it for blind and avoid comprehension 'til you realize suddenly that your world's gone black and the time that you wasted is never coming back.


And so I won't look back at yesterday

I found the heart in me that loved you and burned it away

But know the effort to enter's insubstantial next to that to leave

and I'm learning the hard way: "hearts break easy when they're on your sleeve"

And I think of my answer, which now seems so offending, it requires amending, I considered an ending.

I considered the notion but I won't go through...


And this lesson is worth the war of some aborted romance because I don't want you anymore.


I've got one change to make up for my sin: I will try to stop the lie I'm living in.

And I guess the first step is understanding maybe I was wrong

And suppose that this step was half-completed when I wrote this song and I picked up my notebook and got off my ass!

These are the things I'd never learn in class.

Created: Dec 30, 2010


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