All the Colors

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This town is built on broken hearts
And when you leave, it all starts over again
The feeling of depending on everyone and everything that's real
Starts to turn gray and it loses its appeal
At least to me

So I'll draw you a picture
Paint it with the brightest colors
Hoping that they won't start to fade

And you'll put it in a frame and keep it by your window
To compare our life then to your life now

So are the clouds gray now? Did the paint chip away?
Or is it still the best picture of the brightest day?
Tell me everything
I'll listen to everything
I'll listen to why you left in the first place

A small town built on broken hearts
Is a story that always starts, over and over again
It's something that we all have to feel
And we wish that it wasn't real
At least that's what I think

Do you still have the picture?
Does it still have the brightest colors?
Or did it all fade away one day?

Did the frame break, and disappear from your window?
Do you enjoy your life now?

So look at the clouds and try to go out, have fun today
Because the colors in you will never fade away someday
You told me everything
I listened to everything
I know why you left in the first place

It wasn't me or you
Because I'm dying to leave too

So when all the colors take you home
I promise that it won't
Take you back to this town built on broken hearts
It'll take you to a new start

All the colors will take you to everything there will ever be
And it'll be with me

Created: Dec 29, 2010


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