The Melancholy End - PurpleFrogs

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My love to him I gave, unrestricted,

And he discarded me as quickly as

The snake impales its prey. Extirpated,

permanently, is clarity from my eyes.

Each breath is soaked with regret, I’m drowning

where I wait. My sorrowful existence:

the fresh wound aching, lingering, burning.

As warmth leaves my soul, the weight of silence

eclipses all. Scanning the scarlet sky

this dusk, I picture his divine body.

Welcoming, compassionate; it’s a lie,

a temporary portrait of safety.

Agony smolders, merciless; alive

no more is my desire to survive.

- This is a sonnet that I wrote fall 2009. I'm not sure about the title (I kind of just made it up on a whim). I would love some feedback!

Created: Jan 21, 2010


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