Bus Stop

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Bus Stop

A Short Play

Scenario: A boy and a girl are at the bus stop.

EMMIE- (crying)
JOHN- Are you okay?
EMMIE- Yes, fine. (pause) No. No, I'm not. But you don't want to here about it. I mean people ask if someone is okay if they are visibly upset, because it's polite. They're only looking for the answer, "Yes, fine, thank you." But don't worry. I won't burden you with my silly problems.
JOHN- Oh-okay...
EMMIE- (sniffles, crying again)
JOHN- Okay, I can't stand those sad puppy dog eyes. What do I have to do to make them go away?
EMMIE- (laughs) I don't think my parents would appreciate you killing my brother.
JOHN- Ah, sibling issues. How old is he?
EMMIE- 16.
JOHN- That's why.
EMMIE- I know. But try telling my raging hormones to tell my brain that--
JOHN- Okay!
EMMIE- --and he knows just how to push my buttons to make me cry and then I don't stop. "Emmie, you look really ugly today!" cause that's exactly what a single, 18-year-old college girl wants to hear! And he just looks so much older! My baby brother is growing up and he's such a little brat!
JOHN- I know how you feel. I have a little sister and she's out of control and doesn't listen to me, let alone anyone.
EMMIE- I would have liked to have an older brother. I could date his hot friends and he could do his whole macho protecting thing.
JOHN- My sister hates it.
EMMIE- I hate it when my baby brother tries the whole macho protecting thing and tells me what to do. Not what I should do, but what to do. Like he's the boss of me. As if! I'm the oldest, I'm the one who gives the advice so he doesn't make my mistakes. I’m the one that teases him about girls. Not the other way around. Except boys for me, obviously, or maybe not. Whatever you get the point.
JOHN- Mhm.
EMMIE- This week is going to be terrible.
JOHN- A whole week of this?
EMMIE- Oh yes. This is normal if I talk to him at any point during my--
JOHN- --Got it! We don't need to go there.
EMMIE- Right, sorry. You have a sister though. You should be used to this.
JOHN- She hasn't spoken to me since I left for college.
EMMIE- Ouch. I'm sorry.
JOHN- That's what I get for playing the Big-Brother-I-know-what's-best-for-you card too much.
EMMIE- It's not your fault that you care about her. That's why I get so frustrated with Michael, that's my brother, because I need him to listen to me because I care about what happens to him. Maybe you should talk to her.
JOHN- I doubt she wants to talk to me.
EMMIE- She'll want to know that you're trying to talk to her. That you still care. That you love her.
JOHN- I don't do the whole expressing my feelings thing well.
EMMIE- You seem to be doing fine.
JOHN- You're a stranger. I'll probably never see you again once my bus comes.
EMMIE- Probably. But wouldn't it be funny if we did?
JOHN- Hysterical.
EMMIE- Oh please. I think we're getting along great for strangers. I mean we got past the whole awkward emotional thing right off the bat. It can only get better from here.
JOHN- True.
EMMIE- You'll find that I'm right a lot.
JOHN- Modest.
EMMIE- Hey, what’s true is true. Wouldn’t you rather know the truth?
JOHN- You have a point.
EMMIE- God, it's cold out here.
JOHN- We're outside in the middle of winter in the Northeast, what do you expect?
EMMIE- The bus to be on time so I only had to be out here for 5 minutes instead of 30.
JOHN- Yeah, that would have been nice, but then we probably wouldn't have talked. And I think meeting you was a good thing.
EMMIE- You're forgetting that this bus is warm, but yeah, I know what you mean. It was great to meet you.
JOHN- My name is John.
EMMIE- Emmie. But you probably caught that from my rant about how my brother makes be cry when I’m hormonal.
JOHN-Yeah, we didn’t need to go back there.
EMMIE- Oh, but it’s so much fun to make you uncomfortable.
JOHN- Gee, thanks.
EMMIE- So John, what’s your major?
JOHN- Business.
EMMIE- You want to be an entrepreneur?
JOHN- Yeah, my dad owns his own contracting business and I want to take over after him.
EMMIE- That’s admirable.
JOHN- Thanks, what’s your major.
EMMIE- Biology. I’m pre-med. But I’m minoring in Studio Art.
JOHN- That’s cool. So you want to be a doctor and an artist on the side?
EMMIE- Cardio-thoracic surgeon and the art minor is accidental, I’m just planning on taking one course each semester because I love it.
JOHN- Ambitious.
EMMIE- Yeah, I think my dad brainwashed me.
JOHN- What makes you say that?
EMMIE- He started calling me Dr. Simon, Dr. Simon, Dr. Simon all the time. Simon is my last name. And combined with my Anatomy and Physiology class, I’ve betrayed Engineering School goals for Med School goals.
JOHN- Was it a nasty break-up?
EMMIE- Yeah, the kids are taking it extremely hard.
JOHN- (laughs)
EMMIE- Has business always been your passion?
JOHN- Yeah, I would always go to work with my dad and I knew that I wanted to take over the business after him since I was like 5.
EMMIE- It’s great that you have that much focus for one goal. I’m like all over the place. Art is the only constant.
JOHN- I guess it’s kind of like sports for me. It’s a great release for frustrations from the real world.
EMMIE- Art is exactly that for me.
JOHN- What sort of art do you do?
EMMIE- Painting. Mostly flowers, but I like playing with seasons.
JOHN- Cool.
EMMIE- Yeah.
EMMIE- So what sports do you play?
JOHN- Basketball, soccer, football, hockey, baseball, anything with a ball or puck really.
EMMIE- Are you on teams for all of those? Or do you just do it for fun?
JOHN- Some are teams, but it’s all for fun.
EMMIE- That’s cool.
JOHN- Yeah.
JOHN- This is my bus.
EMMIE- Oh this is funny.
JOHN- What?
EMMIE- It's my bus too.

Created: Dec 28, 2010


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