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Can you hear the melancholy call
Reverberating through the air?
Who was it that broke the silence?
Are they here or are they there?

Can you still hear that pained cry
As it dissipates on the air?
Who is making that despairing sound
That makes me want to care?

Where does it come from?
It echoes in my mind
Could it be another's? No.
I think, perhaps, it's.. mine.

Yes, it was I that made that sad, pained cry
That echoed in the night,
Was it because they wouldn't list,
Wouldn't listen to my plight?

On the outside I seem happy
Always carefree and divine.
On the inside, though, it's different
I'm about to break the thin line.

The one that keeps me from loneliness
From emptiness and despair
I need someone to love me
To want me, to care.

Created: Dec 27, 2010


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