Before My Own

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And I understand your life before my own.
I have made your troubles my own,
Taken from a heart different than my soul has known.
I have melded your woe with mine,
Beholden to the strife that has consumed your time.
There is nothing left but to seal them away in my heart,
To make them mine, and peal away a mask.
Hide behind my grief and cower in my confusion,
Your trouble is mine and you have no control.

Come along in light and shrouded in pure,
Fortified in what is right and what is sure.
You have seen what this adherent curse has in store.
Take a sip and taste the bitter of my tea,
Add to it the sugar of your free,
Shake your head and take my weary hand,
Guide me through the fields of your mind’s land.

Light unto the dark of my dismay,
Heat unto the cold, let it fade away.
My world is clear of yours and the hand is mine.

Created: Dec 27, 2010


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