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I guess this a bit SERIOUS for some folks, but some of us are serious about the art. As well, I'm new here, and these are all suggestions to be taken with a grain of salt. Comment to tell me what you think. Copy and refine if you see fit.

One thing I am finding about hitRECord's interface and workflow is that larger collaborations need diRECtors! Someone to give larger projects... well... a direction. As well as a driving force to get it to the finish line. Joe does it for some, but some of us need to take off some of the load. Make ourselves directors.

By all rights this should be the Collaboration Author. But sometimes that doesn't work out.

Take The Man in the Herringbone Hat for example. This GREAT project seems to have stalled for whatever reason. JPeezy seems to want to keep it moving, but can't get noticed and can't do it all himself. 12.42 has given us an AMAZING title sequence, but it seems to have stopped there.

They need a director. And here's how to do it.


Collaboration is great, and cooperation is beautiful. But sometimes someone needs to lead. JOE does a great job of this, but he can't curate all the projects. Take up a torch you feel passionate about.

Some collaborations may have stalled for various reasons, and try to educate yourself on the projects' histories. See who the major players are, and get in touch. Don't step on people's toes, but be a leader if you are one.

This is a bit of responsibility, but if you have it in you, GO FOR IT!

This is something I'm NOT seeing on bigger projects. At least not enough.

Give the community goals. It's not enough to say "let's make a film"; you need to parse it into achievable tasks, as RegularJOE does in his REgularity posts. He starts small collaborations for each little piece of a project. Follow that lead!

For a project like this, you need to have a home base.
There's a Revise button. USE IT! :)
List the SUB-collabs in the text of the original Collab, so people can know where they fit, where their interests lie.

Keep us aware of what's happening, and newcomers need to know where to get involved.

I can't stress enough how much people love to see a project that moves. Benchmarks help people see their accomplishments. Date your pieces very prominently. I don't want to take up the task that's stale.

Keep it up to date too. Recent activity should be revised into the original collab's text. This is all part of keeping us on task and not alienating newcomers.

Newbies also don't know where to get a handle on new projects. It can take several minutes of searching only to discover what you had in mind has been done, or that a project is actually several steps away from where you thought it was.

This is a problem I keep finding here. Too hard to communicate directly with specific folks. The forum works, sort of. There's no real notification when you get a message, or a comment. You have to be vigilantly cruising your ACTIVITY area to be sure stuff gets seen, and your project is on task.

Videos really help here. Talk to us directly.
Also, Take a little time to make a nice icon. They catch our eyes. Even a screen cap can up your hits. Shows us you're serious.


So this is just a few things you can do to be a diRECtor and get things done faster. Please fav if you like the idea. Revise if you see more to add!

Created: Dec 27, 2010


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