re-beats 2

By lisa

the original 'beats 2' was created in v3 (sadly the original record didn't make the transfer to this version of the site).  Joe was the first to remix it in his record heartREbeats from there it was resourced & remixed countless times.

one could say, i'm a little attached to this 12 seconds of 1s & 0s. visual beats for Joe's Heart Beat library.  i adore this heart. it makes me smile a whole lot. not only because i simply love and collect hearts of all shapes, sizes & matter, but because it's my absolute favorite trinket that was left in the Photo Journal Collaboration box. xx forgive me... but you might be seeing a lot of this little guy around here for a while.

re-beats 2

Created: Jan 21, 2010

Tags: photo journal collaboration, heart, beat, blinking, flashing, red, moving snapshot

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