Todd's Audio CD RECommendations

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3 MUST BE ON THE CD songs:

1. Riana6's Final version of Half of Me. The collaboration that went into making this song serves as "A real beacon of light" to all of us.


2. Patterns and Prayers by Wirrow. It's just way cool - that's why! Besides - it's well written and the arrangement is intoxicatingly hypnotic.


3. Burn On as a ROUND Lizzie Mackie leads - that's a whole lot of hitRECorders's voices coming together from all over the world to form a GREAT chorus to show their love of Burning Dan. I know - I made this - but it's a mightily fine example of collaboration and I think it should be on the CD.


I could go on and on about many more songs here that I absolutely LOVE - but being that Joe asked me to pick three - these are the ones I pick. I left out a few that I know others are going to recommend such as Nothing Big and Sick Again - I think they belong too. I also think Richard Brown and Nebullulaby belong, but Sean already has his own distribution system set up. Toungue Cut Sparrow and Mike Regan also belong on the CD - but which ones? I had better stop now because people are going to think that I left them out if I keep naming songs - like Metaphorest's Tiny Stories and December songs, and House of Glitch's stuff, and Lizzie Mackie's stuff, and stuff by Malicore, and May McDonough, and chigwinkle, and ForestKnauff, and jeffpeff, and venns, and horrorshock666, and spaceship, and oohjacquelina, and Braun22 and --- I'd better stop - people are going to get mad at me for leaving them out.

Created: Dec 26, 2010


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